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Legacy: Blow-by Meters
*** ECM no longer sells, repairs, or recalibrates blow-by meters. ***
For all sales, contact Labcell.

ECM offers two high-quality engine blow-by meters. Both meters operate on a vortex shedding principle and hence have no moving parts to "gum-up".Vortex shedding meters have a fast response and are well suited for blow-by volume flow measurement due to their insensitivity to blow-by temperature, pressure, and viscosity. Both meters can operate in either flowrate or totalizer modes and display in metric or english units.

Available Until: Not available from ECM. Available from Labcell.
Supported Until: January 1, 2009
BB400MRThe BB400MR combines three measurement ranges into one blow-by meter for an overall measurement range of 4 to 400 liters/min (LPM). This allows the BB...BB100The BB100 blow-by meter has all of the features of the BB400MR except that the BB100 is a single-range meter measuring from 4 to 150 liters/min (LPM)....