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AFRecorder 2400
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The AFRecorder 2400 combines a single channel of air-fuel ratio (AFR) measurement with measurements of spark timing, manifold pressure, and engine speed. The combination of these four measurements in a single portable package has made the AFRecorder 2400 a popular tool with engine calibrators. Spark timing and engine speed can be measured with the supplied probes or by using signals from production sensors or the engine control module. Manifold pressure is measured using a sensor inside the AFRecorder 2400. Linearized programmable analog outputs, RS-232 control, a programmable SEGO output, recording with build-in statistics, programmable alarms, AC or DC operation, and a carrying case are other AFRecorder 2400 features.
Ranges:6 to 150 AFR, 0.4 to 10 λ, 0.1 to 2.5 φ, 0 to 22% O2, -60 to 30 deg., 100 to 9,999 RPM, 0.0 to 35 psia
Accuracies:+/-0.6% at stoichiometric, +/-0.9% elsewhere, +/-1 deg. spark timing, +/-10 RPM, +/-1% FSO pressure
Response Time(AFR):Less than 150ms
Calculation Time (AFR):1 ms
Fuel Types Supported:Any fuel specified by H:C, O:C, and N:C ratios, and H2
Analog Outputs:0 to 5 V, linearized, programmable
RS-232:Yes. Bidirectional.
SEGO (Simulated Exhaust Gas Oxygen) Sensor Output:Yes. Programmable.
Statistics:Average, Maximum, Minimum, Standard Deviation
Alarms:Yes.  High and low trip points.
Power:100 to 250 VAC or 11 to 16 VDC
Size:10.2" x 4.6" x 13.3" (W x H x D)
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The complete kit includes the following parts:
1.AFRecorder 2400G2400G1
2.Air-Fuel Ratio (AFR) Sensors2400E-11
3.AFR Sensor Cable, 20 ft.2400E-21
4.Spark Timing Pickup/Cable, 20 ft.2400A-31
5.Engine Speed Pickup2400A-41
6.Engine Speed Pickup Cable, 20 ft.2400A-51
7.Pressure/Vacuum Hose, 5/32", 20 ft.2400A-61
8.U.S. Power Cable 120VAC, 6 ft. (replaced with appropriate power cable for export)2400G-381
9.12VDC Power Cable, 20 ft.2400E-71
10a.Pair of Spare Power Fuses, 1A, Slow Blow, for 120VAC, or2400G-391
10b.Pair of Spare Fuses, 0.5A, Slow Blow, for 250VAC2400G-39b1
11.Spare Power Fuse, 6.3A, Slow Blow, for 12VDC2400A-81
12.DB9M Analog Outputs Connector2400G-91
13.AFRecorder Instruction Manual2400G-111
14.AFRecorder Carrying Case2400A-121
15.Case Ground Cable, Braided, 3 ft.2400A-171
16.Ground Cable, Insulated, 20 ft.2400A-401
17.Adjustment Screwdriver2400E-351