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AFRecorder 4800R
The AFRecorder 4800R combines dual channel, fast air-fuel ratio (AFR) measurements with extensive computational capabilities. The AFRecorder 4800R displays the AFRs of each channel, their simultaneous difference, their average, and each channel's AFR deviation. The AFR deviation is the real-time variation of AFR and indicates engine roughness or misfire. Linearized programmable analog outputs and full analyzer control via RS-232 make for easy integration with data acquisition systems. Other features include: recording with built-in statistics, and programmable simulated exhaust gas oxygen (SEGO) outputs. The SEGO outputs can be used to make an engine controller run closed-loop at non-stoichiometric set points. This feature is useful for engine calibration or catalytic converter testing. The AFRecorder 4800R comes in a compact 19" rackmount package and a variety of cabling options are available.
Range:6 to 150 AFR, 0.4 to 10 λ, 0.1 to 2.5 φ, 0 to 22% O2
Accuracy:+/-0.6% at stoichiometric, +/-0.9% elsewhere
Response Time:Less than 150ms
Calculation Time:1 ms
Fuel Types Supported:Any fuel specified by H:C, O:C, and N:C ratios, and H2
Analog Outputs: 0 to 5 V, linearized, dual programmable
RS-232:Yes. Bidirectional.
SEGO (Simulated Exhaust Gas Oxygen) Sensor Outputs:Yes. Dual programmable.
Statistics:Average, Maximum, Minimum, Standard Deviation
Power:100 to 250 VAC
Size:19" x 3.5" x 14" (W x H x D)
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Option 4800R-21: Severe Duty Panel-Mount Cable Kit (97KB)
The complete kit includes the following parts:
1.AFRecorder 4800R4800R1
2a.Air-Fuel Ratio (AFR) Sensors, or2400E-12
2b.Air-Fuel Ratio (AFR) Sensors with Severe Duty Connectors2400E-1S2
3a.AFR Sensor Cables, 33 ft., or2400E-322
3b.Severe Duty Panel-Mount Cable Kit4800R-211
4.U.S. Power Cable 120VAC, 6 ft. (replaced with appropriate power cable for export)2400G-381
5a.Spare Power Fuses, 2A, Slow Blow, Type 3AG, for 120VAC, or4800R-181
5b.Spare Power Fuses, 1A, Slow Blow, Type 3AG, for 250VAC4800R-18b1
6.DB15M Analog Outputs Connector2400E-91
7.AFRecorder Instruction Manual4800-111

Optional Kits and Parts:

The optional Severe Duty Panel-Mount Cable Kit (P/N 4800R-21) consists of:
1.AMP CPC Connector Plug/Clamp/Terminal Kit4800R-192
2.Fischer Panel-Mount Connector/ID Ring/Sealing Cap Kit, Left/Black Channel4800R-20L1
3.Fischer Panel-Mount Connector/ID Ring/Sealing Cap Kit, Right/White Channel4800R-20R1
4.Severe Duty AFR Cable Extension, Left/Black Channel, 15 ft.2400E-30L1
5.Severe Duty AFR Cable Extension, Right/White Channel, 15 ft.2400E-30R1