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EGR 4830
Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is a powerful control used to suppress NOx emissions in engines. As important as EGR is to the operation of engines, in the past there has been no simple way to measure it. Now there is with ECM's EGR 4830 Analyzer.

The EGR 4830 determines the %EGR by measuring the O2, oxidizable concentrations, and pressures directly in the intake and exhaust of the engine under test. Because there are no pumps drawing intake and exhaust samples from the engine, the instrument is non-intrusive and has response times of less than one second.

The EGR 4830 can display both gravimetric and volumetric %EGR as well as Lambda, AFR (air-fuel ratio), intake %O2, exhaust %O2, intake pressure, and exhaust pressure. The analyzer can also function as a dual-channel, pressure compensated Lambda (AFR) meter if the intake sensors are relocated to an exhaust!

Set-up of the EGR 4830 is easy: Mount the ceramic O2 sensors in the intake and exhaust of the engine using 18mmx 1.5mm bosses and route pressure taps from the intake and exhaust to the EGR 4830's pressure modules.

Calibration of the EGR 4830 is simple: Expose the O2 and pressure sensors to air and press a button on the instrument's front panel.

The EGR 4830 is fast: This means the analyzer can be used to develop dynamic EGR algorithms. More can be done and tried in less time. There is also a dramatic reduction in maintenance in comparison to other systems. The displays can be operated in four-line or large-character mode to view the measured parameters. The EGR 4830 has four programmable, 0 to 5 volt outputs that can be assigned and scaled to any parameter.

EGR and Lambda (AFR) are the two most important parameters influencing the emissions, fuel economy, and drivability of engines. Measure these parameters quickly and easily with the EGR 4830.
Ranges:%EGR 0 to 100%
λ 0.58 to 25
AFR 8.5 to 364
O2 0 to 25%
Pressure 0 to 518 kPa (75 psia)
Accuracies:%EGR ± 0.5% (absolute)
λ, AFR ± 1% (of reading)
%O2 ± 0.2% (absolute)
Pressure ± 1.7 kPa (± 0.25 psia)
Response Times:%EGR less than 1 second (programmable)
Lambda, AFR, %O2 less than 150 ms
Pressure less than 150ms
Fuel Types:Programmable H:C, O:C, and N:C ratios (required for gravimetric %EGR)
Analog Outputs:4 channels, 0 to 5V programmable for parameter, range, and response time
Size, Cables, Power:19" x 3.5" x 14" (483mm x 89mm x 356mm), 30' (10m) cables to sensors, 100 to 250 VAC
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The complete kit includes the following parts:
1.EGR 48304830-11
2.Oxygen (O2) Sensor4830-22
3a.Pressure, Type P, 0-75 psia, 1/4" NPT (USA), or07-032
3b.Pressure, Type P, 0-517 kPa, 6mm (Metric)07-042
4.AFR Sensor Cables, 33 ft.2400E-322
5.Oxygen Sensor Adapter Cable, 0.2m2400E-32b2
6.Pressure Sensor Cable, 10m.4830-3d2
7a.Pressure Line Assembly, 1/4" NPT Tubing/Hose/Fittings, 28" Length (USA), or12-082
7b.Pressure Line Assembly, 6mm Tubing/Hose/Fittings, 711mm Length (Metric)12-112
8.18mm x 1.5mm Mild Steel Boss and Stainless Steel Plug1000A-51
9.18mm x 1.5mm Tall Aluminum Boss, Copper Gasket, and Aluminum Plug4830-51
10.1/4" NPT Mild Steel Boss and Brass Plug4830-61
11.1/4" NPT Aluminum Boss and Brass Plug4830-71
12.U.S. Power Cable 120VAC, 6 ft. (replaced with appropriate power cable for export)2400G-381
13a.Spare Power Fuses, 2A, Slow Blow, Type 3AG, for 120VAC, or4800R-182
13b.Spare Power Fuses, 1A, Slow Blow, Type 3AG, for 250VAC4800R-18b2
14.DB15M Analog Outputs Connector2400E-91
15.Instruction Manual4830-81