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NOx 5210
ECM's NOx 5210 is a versatile and highly integratable NOx, Lambda, and O2 analyzer for the development of engines (ex. spark-ignition engines) and combustion systems that can operate rich, at, and lean of stoichiometric, and their aftertreatment systems.   NOx, Lambda, and O2 are measured using a ceramic sensor that is mounted in the exhaust of the engine.  Ease-of-use, speed, compactness, and robustness are hallmarks of this technology.  No sample lines or pumps are required, simplifying installation and giving fast response.  Distances of up to 100 meters between the sensor and analyzer are possible with no loss in response time or accuracy.  All sensors have their calibration stored in a memory chip in the sensor's connector.  Calibration can be performed by the user (Zero, Span) and is written into the same memory chip.  This allows sensors to be calibrated in a central location and distributed to users, ensuring consistent results throughout a large test facility.

The NOx 5210 is programmable for all fuel types (H:C, O:C, N:C, and H2). NOx, Lambda (λ), AFR (air-fuel ratio), Equivalence Ratio (φ), and %O2 and all sensor parameters including pumping currents, cell resistance, and sensor age factor are available for display and output.  A second NOx/λ/O2 channel can be added and displayed/output.

The NOx 5210 is remarkably compact and is suited for both dynamometer and in-vehicle applications. With six analog outputs, CAN, USB, and RS232 communication, the NOx 5210 can be integrated into any data acquisition system. To simplify in-vehicle use, the NOx 5210 can be turned on and off with a signal from the vehicle's ignition switch. This feature along with the analyzer's CAN communication capability make it possible to use the NOx 5210 in the loop of a real-time emissions control strategy.

The NOx 5210 was ECM’s first NOx analyzer and has been upgraded by the NOx 5210t.  It is recommended that users of the NOx 5210 use the BTU200 sensor heater.  For applications where a 12V power supply is used, a Vboost Power Supply (P/N 04-02) is recommended.  This raises the voltage supplied to the sensor to 24V where its temperature can be better.

Video Tutorial for Producing .dbc Files
Ranges:NOx 0 to 5000 ppm (For all λ)
λ 0.4 to 25
AFR 6 to 364
φ 0.04 to 2.5
O2 0 to 25%
Pressure (optional) 0 to 517 kPa (0 to 75 psia)
Accuracies:NOx ± 30 ppm (0 to 1000 ppm), ± 3% (elsewhere)
λ, AFR, φ ± 0.8% (at stoichiometric), ± 1.8 (average, elsewhere)
%O2 ± 0.2% (absolute)
Pressure (optional) ± 5.2 kPa (± 0.75 psia)
Response Time:Less than 700 ms (NOx). Less than 150 ms (λ, AFR, φ, O2)
Fuel Type:Programmable H:C, O:C, and N:C ratios, and H2
Analog Outputs:6 channels, 0 to 5V linearized and programmable for NOx, λ, AFR, φ, O2, etc
CAN:Programmable communication protocol
USB, RS232:Data transfer and control
Power:11 to 28 VDC, AC/DC (optional)
Sensor:18mm x 1.5mm thread
Size and Cable:105mm x 64mm x 165mm (W x H x D), 6m cable (std), up to 100m (optional)
Operating Temp.:Electronics -40 to +85°C
Sensor 850°C (maximum continuous)
Options:Pressure Compensation, Second NOx/λ/AFR/φ/%O2 channel, Rackmount Kit (holds up to 4 analyzers/8 channels), NOx sensor simulator, AC/DC Power Supply
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Ordering Information, Complete Kit P/N: NOx 5210 Analyzer Kit
The complete single-channel kit includes the following parts:
1.5210 Display Head01-011
2.NOxCAN Module02-021
3.NOx Sensor06-011
4.Inconel Shield12-092
5.Eurofast 12mm Cable, 4m09-011
6.Eurofast 12mm Cable, 2m09-021
7.Flexi-Eurofast Cable, 0.3m09-043
8.Eurofast "T" Connector09-054
9.Eurofast Termination Resistor09-063
10.Lambda/NOx/NH3 Cable, 1m10-021
11.DC Power Cable, Banana Plugs11-161
12.Female Eurofast to DB9F11-051
13.Key-on Cable, 2m11-081
14.5200 Series Manuals & Configuration Software CD
This PC-based software allows configuration of CAN communication, calibration of sensors, and data logging. Requires Kvaser, Vector, or Peak USB-to-CAN adapter. (Available from ECM, see P/N 13-02 below)

Optional Kits and Parts:

For pressure compensation, these additional items are included (per NOx channel):
1a.Pressure, Type KP, 0-75 psia, 1/4" NPT (USA), or07-051
1b.Pressure, Type KP, 0-517 kPa, 6mm (Metric)07-061
2.Module Y Cable10-211
3.Pressure Cable (4-terminal), 1m10-041
4a.Pressure Line Assembly, 1/4" NPT Tubing/Hose/Fittings, 28" Length (USA), or12-081
4b.Pressure Line Assembly, 6mm Tubing/Hose/Fittings, 711mm Length (Metric)12-111

For dual-channel kit, these additional items are included:
1.NOxCAN Module02-021
2.NOx Sensor06-011
3.Inconel Shield12-092
4.Eurofast 12mm Cable, 2m09-021
5.Flexi-Eurofast Cable, 0.3m09-041
6.Eurofast "T" Connector09-051
7.Lambda/NOx/NH3 Cable, 1m10-021

1.AC/DC Power Supply, Universal, 24VDC 4.2A
(Highly Recommended for Dynamometer Installations)
2.Vboost Power Supply (Boosts supply voltage to avoid dropout situations)04-021
3.DC Power Cable, Spades11-151
4.Eurofast 12mm Cable, 10m
(Highly Recommended for Dynamometer Installations)
5.Lambda/NOx/NH3 Cable, 2m10-031
6.Lambda/NOx/NH3 Cable, 3m10-371
7.Pressure Cable (4-terminal), 2m10-051
8.Pressure Cable (4-terminal), 3m10-401
9.CAN-to-USB Adapter13-021
10.19" Rackmount Panel (holds up to 4 display heads or 4 dashCANs)12-011
11.18mm x 1.5mm Mild Steel Boss and Stainless Steel Plug12-021
12.1/4" NPT Mild Steel Boss and Brass Plug (USA)12-051
13.1/4" ISO Mild Steel Boss and Brass Plug (Metric)12-121
14.Aluminum Remote Sensor Mounting Block (18mm x 1.5mm, 5 x 1/4" NPT)12-181
15.Individual Cylinder Exhaust Probe (18mm x 1.5mm) (USA)12-191
16.Individual Cylinder Exhaust Probe (18mm x 1.5mm) (Metric)12-201
17.BTU200 Sensor HeaterBTU2001