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Multi-Channel Dyno Cable (MCDC) Install Kit
The MCDC kit simplifies the wiring of multiple CAN modules (ex. LambdaCAN, NOxCAN, appsCAN, gpCAN, baroCAN, etc) in dynamometer applications.

Up to eight CAN devices can be connected.  In many cases, this can be expanded to additional sets of eight (contact ECM).

The MCDC kit is made up of rugged components designed for long-life in a dynamometer installation.  Cable and connector type, gauge, and material was chosen for proper module powering and CAN signal integrity.

Connectors on the 8-Channel CAN Hub are standard 12mm female Eurofast type for easy connection with ECM’s products.  A male mating connector is available for the wiring in of third-party CAN devices.

This is ECM’s standard MCDC Kit, however, customization is available.  

A 24 VDC @ 10A supply is required.
Cables:24m CAN cable (22 AWG)
9m Power cable (16 AWG)
1m (resting), 2m (stretched) Boom-Box cable (18 AWG)
Hub:8 CAN connection points (Female 12mm Eurofast)
5A max (continuous) per connection point. 9A max (continuous) total.
Required Power:24 VDC
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Ordering Information, Complete Kit P/N: MCDC Kit
The complete kit includes the following parts:
1.Eurofast Hub Block, 8-channel09-081
2.Termination Resistor for Hub Block09-091
3.Boom Box to Hub Springy Cable (1m relaxed, 2m stretched)11-271
4.Boom Box Cable for CAN Products (80' CAN, 30' Power)11-261
5.Eurofast "T" Connector09-052
6.Male Eurofast to Braided Shield Ground11-251
7.Eurofast Termination Resistor09-061
8.Female Eurofast to DB9F11-051

Optional Kits and Parts:

1.Eurofast 12mm Field-Wireable Male Connector
(Use to connect third-party products to CAN hub)
2.1/4" UNC Module Stacking Standoff
(Use to mount and stack ECM CAN modules. One kit mounts/stacks two
modules. Each additional kit mounts/stacks an additional module.)