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The BB400MR combines three measurement ranges into one blow-by meter for an overall measurement range of 4 to 400 liters/min (LPM). This allows the BB400MR to be used with small to large car and truck engines. The meter's range can be set in less than a minute by its adjustable bypass ports. The BB400MR outputs volumetric flowrate and total volume flow information on its display, analog output, and RS-232 port. The input andoutput ports can be positioned either left or right facing and the integral damping tanks have 1/4" NPT ports for temperature and pressure probes.In some cases, a damping tank is required upstream of the meter. The BB400MR is DC powered and comes with an external AC/DC adapter.
Ranges:4 to 400 liters/min (LPM), 0.15 to 14.4 ft3/min (CFM) via three programmable ranges (4 to 150 LPM, 11 to 300 LPM, 15 to 400 LPM)
Accuracy:1% of reading or 1 LPM (when in 4 to 150 LPM range) or 2 LPM (when in 11 to 300 LPM range) or 3 LPM (when in 15 to 400 LPM range)
Pressure Drop:0.5" H2O at 20% of maximum flow
Temperature Range:0 to 250 deg C (flow), -20 to 85 deg C (electronics)
Analog Output:0 to 5 V, programmable for flowrate or total flow, range, and averaging
RS-232:Yes, bidirectional.
Material Exposed to Blow-by:Anodized aluminum, Stainless steel, Teflon
Power:11 to 28 VDC, AC/DC adapter supplied
Size:4" x 14.5" x 5.25", 102 mm x 368 mm x 133 mm (W x H x D)
Weight:5.5 lbs., 2.5 kg.
The complete kit includes the following parts:
1.BB400MR Meter400MRA-11
2.Mounting Bracket and Hardware100A-21
3.Power Cord, 10 ft.100A-31
4.120VAC AC/DC Adapter100A-41
5.Plastic Connector and Terminals for Power Input (same connector as on 100A-4)100A-51
6.Instruction Manual400MRA-71
7.5/32" Allen Key, for removing/installing bypass port plugs400MRA-111