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The performance of all air-breathing engines is highly dependant on intake air conditions. Engine testing and calibration that ignores intake air conditions will be biased by the ambient conditions of that particular day of testing. This is most evident with on-the-road testing where ambient conditions cannot be controlled and are most extreme. As a result, the test results or calibration will have a random effect due to weather, and suboptimal emissions and fuel economy may result. As emissions and fuel economy regulations get more severe, this randomness in test and calibration quality cannot be tolerated. ECM's baroCAN module is a compact and rugged measurement system that provides all the important air conditions: humidity, %O2, dew point, water vapor pressure, temperature, and absolute pressure. These parameters are available in all known units via CAN communication. By including these parameters in the test data set, correction of the test data and modification of the calibration can be performed resulting in better optimized engine operation. baroCAN's sensors can be easily mounted in a variety of locations and contain calibration memory chips. PC software to set-up CAN communication, view and log data, and calibrate the sensors is included. Two optional displays, one with programmable analog outputs, are available. These displays can be used with one or two modules. Although primarily intended for intake air use, baroCAN can be used for ambient air and cabin air applications in single and multi-module arrangements.

ECM supplies PC configuration software to set up (ex. recalibrate) the modules. This software comes with the modules and is also downloadable here. A CAN-to-USB adapter is required to use this software. ECM recommends P/N 13-02 as the adapter. If you have a Kvaser, ETAS, or Vector CAN-to-USB adapter, you can use it.

Instructions on how to integrate ECM’s CAN modules with ETAS INCA and ATI Vision are available.

Range:RH 0 to 100%
Temperature -40 to 125°C
Pressure 0 to 500 kPa Absolute
Dew Point 0 to 125°C
%O2 0 to 20.946%
Accuracies:RH ±2%
Temperature ±0.3°C
Pressure ± 0.7 kPa (± 0.10 psia)
Dew Point ±0.88°C
%O2 ±0.02%
Response Time:1 sec (RH, Temperature, Dew Point, %O )
25 msec (Pressure)
CAN:High Speed according to ISO 11898
Sensors:1 RH & Temperature Sensor
1 Pressure Sensor
Sensor Mounting:
1/4" NPT/ISO (RH & Temperature)
1/4" NPT/ISO (Pressure)
0.6m (sensors)
1m (standard extension)
2m (optional extension)
Power:6 to 32 VDC, (optional AC/DC supply available)
Size & Weight:145mm x 120mm x 40mm (4.75" x 1.5" x 5.75"), 234 gm (8.25 oz)
Environmental:-55 to +125°C, IP67
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Ordering Information, Complete Kit P/N: baroCAN
The complete kit includes the following parts:
1.baroCAN Module02-061
2.Humidity (RH) Sensor, 1/4" NPT (USA)07-071
3a.Pressure, Type KP, 0-75 psia, 1/4" NPT (USA), or07-101
3b.Pressure, Type KP, 0-517 kPa, 6mm (Metric), or07-111
3c.Pressure, Type KP, 10-20 psia, 1/4" NPT (USA), or07-121
3d.Pressure, Type KP, 70-140 kPa, 6mm (Metric)07-131
4a.Pressure Line Assembly, 1/4" NPT Tubing/Hose/Fittings, 19" Length (USA), or12-331
4b.Pressure Line Assembly, 6mm Tubing/Hose/Fittings, 483mm Length (Metric)12-341
5.baroCAN Module Y Cable10-301
6.1m Extension Cable for 12-terminal Deutsch10-311
7.Eurofast 12mm Cable, 2m09-021
8.Flexi-Eurofast Cable, 0.3m09-041
9.Eurofast "T" Connector09-051
10.Eurofast Termination Resistor09-061
11.DC Power Cable, DB9F, Banana Plugs11-021
12.5200 Series Manuals & Configuration Software CD
This PC-based software allows configuration of CAN communication, calibration of sensors, and data logging. Requires Kvaser, Vector, or Peak USB-to-CAN adapter. (Available from ECM, see P/N 13-02 below)

Optional Kits and Parts:

1.CAN-to-USB Adapter13-021
2.AC/DC Power Supply w/ CAN Tap, Universal, 24VDC 4.2A
(Requires P/N 11-17 for use with CAN-to-USB adapter)
3.Deutsch DTM3M to DB9F11-171
4.DC Power Cable, DB9F, Spades11-011
5.DC Power Cable, DB9F, Banana Plugs, 1m11-361
6.Vboost Power Supply (Boosts supply voltage to avoid dropout situations)04-021
7.Eurofast 12mm Cable, 10m09-03/101
8.2m Extension Cable for 12-terminal Deutsch10-321
9.Humidity Sensor Cable, 1m10-261
10.Humidity Sensor Cable, 2m10-271
11.Pressure Cable (8-terminal), 1m10-351
12.Pressure Cable (8-terminal), 2m10-361
13.Pressure Cable (8-terminal), 3m10-381
14.Eurofast Hub Block, 8-channel09-081
15.Termination Resistor for Hub Block09-091
16.2m Hub Power/Eurofast Harness11-101
17.1/4" UNC Module Stacking Standoff
(Use to mount and stack ECM CAN modules. One kit mounts/stacks two
modules. Each additional kit mounts/stacks an additional module.)
21.Aluminum Mounting Plate for 8-Ch Block and Modules (16" x 10" x 0.16")12-421
22.19" Rackmount Panel (holds up to 4 display heads or 4 dashCANs)12-011
23.1/4" NPT Mild Steel Boss and Brass Plug (USA)12-051
24.1/4" ISO Mild Steel Boss and Brass Plug (Metric)12-121