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The DJET1000 Air-Fuel Monitor Kit brings the accuracy, repeatability, and reliability of the AFM1000 Air-Fuel Ratio Monitor to Dynojet™ dynamometers. The DJET1000 Kit is a complete plug-n-playair-fuel ratio (AFR) measurement system that includes an external sampling system that draws exhaust from the tailpipe of a car,truck, motorcycle, snowmobile, or ATV through a flexible probe placed in the tailpipe. The probe is mounted on a stand that canbe easily adjusted to the vehicle's tailpipe height. A wide-range AFR sensor is located in the probe and measures the AFR. The AFR sensor is removable for optional mounting directly on the vehicle's exhaust system. A compact pump mounted at the probe's exitdraws exhaust through the probe and past the sensor. For long, trouble-free operation, the pump is powered by shop air and has nomoving parts. The AFM1000 module connects to the AFR sensor through a 20' cable and passes the AFR data to the DJET1000 adaptermodule that plugs directly into the Dynojet DynoWare™ stack. AFR data is displayed with RPM and horsepower in real-time. Plotting, storing, and recalling runs are the same, but now AFR data is included. The DJET1000 Air-Fuel Ratio Monitor Kit provides accurate, repeatable AFR data that integrates perfectly with Dynojettest results.
Range:8.0 to 18.0 AFR
Output:AFR appears in Dynojet software
Sampling Style:Tailpipe probe or direct
Tailpipe Pump Power:Air compressor
Module Power:From Dynojet stack
AFR Cable Length:20'
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DJET Kit Brochure (1092KB)
The complete kit includes the following parts:
1.AFM1000 Control Module (Standard Version)1000A-11
2.DJET1000 Adapter Module1000A-201
3.UEGO Sensor1000A-21
4.AFR Sensor Shield2400A-412
5.Tailpipe Probe1000A-211
6.Wiring Harness1000A-3d1
7.AFR Sensor Cable, 20 ft.2400E-21
8.Calibration Screwdriver1000A-41
9.Tie Down it (Velco and Two Cable Ties)1000A-221
10.Instruction Manual1000A-61
11.DJET1000 Instruction Manual1000A-231