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The G100-AC combines three important features into a single system: a wide-range AFR sensor, an easy-to-read gauge, and a linear 0 to 5 volt analog output. The 270-degree sweep gauge has a black or white backlit face, an illuminated pointer, and is highly visible in both daylight and night conditions. The analog output is suitable for input into a data acquisition system or engine controller.
Range:9.0 to 16.0 AFR (gasoline)
Analog Output:0 to 5 V, linearized with AFR
Power:11 to 28 VDC, key activated
Gauge:2 1/16" diameter, black or white face, backlit
Module Size:4" x 3.5" x 1" (W x H x D)
Harness:11' (AFR), 15' (Power), 8" (Analog Output)
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The complete kit includes the following parts:
1.G100-AC Control ModuleG100-1AC1
2a.Black 2 1/16" Gasoline Gauge, 3 ft. Cable, orG100-2GBS1
2b.White 2 1/16" Gasoline Gauge, 3 ft. CableG100-2GWS1
3.AFR SensorG100-3B1
4.AFR Sensor Cable, 11 ft.G100-4D1
5.Power Cable, 15 ft.G100-51
6.Analog Output Cable, 8 in.G100-121
7.18mm x 1.5mm Mild Steel Boss and Stainless Steel PlugG100-131
8.Calibration ScrewdriverG100-141
9.Instruction ManualG100-151