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BTU200 Sensor Heater
The ceramic sensor heater kit controls the mount temperature of a ceramic exhaust sensor. By doing this, the effects of an exhaust sensor’s sensitivity to changes in mounting boss temperature (i.e. drift due to changes in exhaust pipe temperature) can be reduced. The BTU200 Sensor Heater is recommended for use with the NOx 5210 Analyzer and NOxCAN Module that uses the P/N 06-01 NOx Sensor. It is not required for NOx5210t, NOx5210g Analyzers or NOxCANt, NOxCANg Modules that use the P/N 06-02 or P/N 06-03 NOx Sensors.
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BTU200 Sensor Heater Brochure (94KB)
Ordering Information, Complete Kit P/N: BTU200
The complete kit includes the following parts:
1.Ceramic Sensor Heater Controller03-031
2.Ceramic Sensor Heater Mount for NTK Sensors08-011
3.18mm Copper Gasket12-101
4.2m Heater Cable11-091
5.Eurofast 12mm Cable, 2m09-021
6.DC Power Cable, Banana Plugs11-161

Optional Kits and Parts:

1.AC/DC Power Supply, Universal, 24VDC 4.2A04-011
2.DC Power Cable, Spades11-151