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AFR & Pressure Sensor Simulator (for LambdaCANd)
To verify accurate operation of the LambdaCANd module, ECM offers its AFR & Pressure Sensor Simulator (SIM300). The AFR & Pressure Sensor Simulator is connected to the LambdaCANd module in place of the AFR and pressure sensors. The simulator outputs simulated AFR and pressure sensor signals and tests the module's sensor heater control circuit and the module's AFR and pressure calculation hardware and software. The simulator is a calibrated device that can be returned to ECM for scheduled calibration verifications.
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Ordering Information, Complete Kit P/N: SIM300
The complete kit includes the following parts:
1.Lambda Sensor Simulator, SIM30003-011
2.Simulator Adapter Cable11-111
3.SIM300 Carrying Case12-351