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The XCM114 is a ruggedized, environmentally-sealed, general-purpose O2 sensor controller providing %O2 (Lambda, AFR) information. The O2 measurement range is 0 to 22 %. The Lambda and AFR ranges depend on the module programming.
Inputs:1 Wideband Lambda Sensor
0 to 8V, or 4 to 20mA
Ranges:λ 0.4 to 25, AFR 6 to 364, φ 0.04 to 2.5, O2 0 to 25%, Pressure 0 to 517 kPa (0 to 75 psia)
Accuracies:λ, AFR, φ ± 0.6% (at stoichiometric), ± 0.9% (average, elsewhere)
%O2 ± 0.2% (absolute)
Module:102mm x 89mm x 25mm, Environmentally Sealed.
Operating Temp.:-20 to +85°C
Power:11 to 28 VDC, 5A (max 1min. surge), 1.2A (steady-state)
Sensor Mounting:18mm x 1.5mm thread
Ordering Information, Complete Kit P/N: XCM114
The complete kit includes the following parts:
1.XCM114 Control ModuleXCM114-11
2.Wiring Harness, 20' (sensor), 4' (power & output)XCM114-21
3.O2 SensorXCM114-31
4.18mm x 1.5mm Mild Steel Boss and Stainless Steel Plug12-021
5.Instruction ManualXCM114-41